3 Auto Accident Case Problems
Your Lawyer Can Address

The National Vital Statistics System Under the CDC estimates that there are approximately 162,000 injury-related deaths every year in the United States. Motor accidents cause 40,000 fatalities annually, with over 2 million people suffering from permanent injuries.

Getting involved in an auto accident can be scary. When the accident is a result of negligence from another party, you may be able to claim compensation for losses incurred by filing a personal injury claim. Unfortunately, the compensation process is not always automatic or straightforward. You may have to hire an accident attorney to engage in significant negotiation or legal action to fight for the compensation you deserve.

If you are unsure of the legal steps to take, you may need to speak with a lawyer to get a preliminary review of your case. Here are three circumstances that can be addressed more adeptly by an auto accident attorney.

1. The Other Party Is Denying Fault

Fault and legal liability are critical aspects of any personal injury claim filing. The negligent driver may deny liability, especially when multiple parties are involved in the accident. The insurance company may pick up on this, denying your claim altogether.

You can choose to speak with a lawyer about your case to help you determine the negligent party. If you hire a Henderson accident attorney, you gain access to a pool of investigators and paralegals that can gather evidence to prove the negligence. If the case proceeds to court, the attorney can bring in accident reconstruction experts to testify to your account.

2. You Are Unsatisfied with the Settlement Offer

Around 96% of all personal injury cases never reach before a judge and jury, meaning they're often settled out of court. Insurance companies will typically send a representative to provide a quick settlement offer to avoid a long-drawn court process. You may be persuaded to accept a low-ball offer that doesn’t match the damages sustained.

You may need to speak with a lawyer if the amount of compensation is in dispute. The law firm can help you understand your claim's worth and your legal rights. The personal injury attorney can calculate the compensation you deserve and draft a demand letter to the insurance company.

3. The Accident Resulted in Serious Injuries

The nature of the victim's injuries will have a significant impact on how much compensation received. The 6 million auto accidents reported annually result in 3 million people suffering from bodily injuries, with 2 million injuries being catastrophic. If you find yourself or your next of kin hospitalized or in extreme pain, it may be time to speak with a lawyer.

Your personal accident lawyer can help you file your compensation claim as your recover in hospital. You may have an opportunity to sue for lost wages, medical bills, extreme pain. Having experienced attorneys by your side may increase the odds of a favorable outcome for your case.

Accidents that happen through the negligent actions of another party can disrupt your life significantly. Knowing when to speak with a lawyer is key to the success of your compensation claim. You can also reach out to Day & Nance to schedule your initial consultation meeting.

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