Hire an Accident Attorney Directly After a Motorcycle Accident

People between the ages of 21 to 24 are of the highest ranked for traffic-related injury rates per a population of 100,000. Quite a large number of commuters tend to be motorcyclists. Did you know that a motorcyclist is 35 times more probable to be involved in a deadly accident than drivers of vehicles? It’s true with a high number of injuries and fatalities that only seem to keep growing. Even if you wear a helmet, you risk injury although it is 15% more often going to be nonfatal than riders who do not wear helmets. Accidents can be detrimental causing financial, emotional, and physical scars that stay with you for a lifetime. This is one of the main reasons why it is important to hire an accident attorney to assist you if you have been involved in a motorcycle accident.

Passenger Vehicles Contribute to Many Motorcycle Collisions

Just two seconds of inattention in regards to watching the road is one of the main culprits of drivers causing motorcycle accidents. That could be two seconds to check a cell phone, look at an attraction while driving, or even turning to attend to other passengers in their vehicle. No matter what the reason may be for a car causing an accident, negligence is involved. When you have been hit by a car through no fault of your own, you need to hire an accident attorney. Accidents can be caused due to many other aspects including bad weather, vehicle defects, failure to yield, not seeing motorcyclists, lane splitting, excessive speed, and even roadway defects. Motorcycle accident attorneys know how to assist you in getting the legal assistance you need so you are treated fairly throughout the pursuit of compensation to cover your expenses and injuries.

Motorcycle Accidents Can Rob You of a Comfortable Life

Being involved in an accident with a vehicle can cause significant damage to a motorcyclist. Injuries can be as severe as paralysis, amputated limbs, brain injuries, spinal cord damage, facial disfigurement, and even death. Medical treatment may be required for the rest of your life and proof of treatment will be needed when you hire an accident attorney. Treatment is evidence that you’ve been injured and one of the strongest assets when it comes to seeking compensation. The need to hire an accident attorney is going to be detrimental to your injury case, but what should you do directly after an accident that could help a motorcycle accident attorney?

Know What to Do After a Motorcycle Accident

Directly after an accident, you could find you are experiencing an altered state of mind. Try to remain calm and gather your thoughts so you can make sense of what has happened. Look around for others that may have been injured and check yourself too. Make sure that everyone and the scene are safe. Then processed to take photos with your cell phone. Document everything you can, the state of your motorcycle, the other vehicles involved, as well as the surrounding environment. Every bit of information collected will assist your legal team when you hire an accident attorney.

Move Off of the Road and Call 911

Call your local police department or 911 for assistance after checking yourself and others. You may have already started taking photos of the scene, just make sure to call for emergency help as soon as possible. If you can, consider moving your bike from the road since it could become a danger to oncoming traffic. Unexpected motorcycles and debris can make an already bad situation turn into a terrible situation causing further injury and additional accidents.

Gather as Much Information as You Can

One of the most important things to do is gather information. Speak to passengers, witnesses, other drivers, and the police. Gather contact information for all, vehicle information, badge numbers and names of officers, the police report number, and insurance information. As soon as you can contact your insurance agent and a reputable motorcycle accident lawyer and provide them with all of the facts you can.

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