How to Settle Your
Personal Injury Case Before Trial

You shouldn't have to handle the financial, emotional, and health-related ramifications of a personal injury when it wasn't your fault. Laws in many states cite that whoever is responsible for the personal damage is also responsible for medical, legal, and repair bills, among other things.

Choosing to hire a wise personal injury attorney doesn't mean you're immediately launching a lawsuit or going through an expensive and lengthy trial. Statistics show that 96% of personal injury cases are settled before a trial begins. Working with an experienced accident attorney helps you secure rights you may not know were available to you.

Leverage What You Know

Companies have safety rules and regulations for a reason. Rules of the road exist for similar reasons. Doctors follow established medical protocols to keep patients as safe as possible. Without limitations, regulations, and protocols, there would be catastrophic incidents regularly. When you communicate with your accident attorney, it's vital to tell them everything you know.

  • How safety training is done at your company
  • What the speed limit was on the street you were on
  • Your doctor's full name and contact information
  • Who've you've spoken to about your accident
  • Who may have witnessed the accident

The type of accident you experienced determines the specifics of the situation you'll need to provide to your attorney. The more the accident attorney knows, the more they can build a strong case for you and secure your rights.

Your Accident Attorney Investigates and Negotiates

The type of personal injury sustained dictates how your attorney sets their team to work. They work to gather the specifics and compare that to the current laws and rulings in your area. They then begin negotiating with the other attorneys for the insurance company.

Why It's Best to Settle

Settling means that you get more for what you would have asked initially of the insurance company on your own. It means getting compensated for your repair bills, medical needs, and other damages that the court could have awarded. Settling is less expensive than going to trial and may be resolved much faster than pushing the issue through the court system.

What You Should Know About Settling

Once your injury claim is settled, it means you cannot go back and ask the insurance company for any further compensation. The settlement agreement remains binding even if you experience other complications down the road or incur more medical bills after the fact.

It's always best to let a qualified and experienced accident attorney work on your behalf during this time.

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