What Should You Do After an Accident With a Truck Driver?

Truck accidents can result in very serious injuries, and they can be very difficult to navigate. Every trucker has a truck log, however, those logs can be inaccurate, and it can also be difficult to get the trucking company to release them. Truck logs keep track of things like when the trucker last stopped for a rest period and more.

It is vital that if you or your loved one has been involved in any type of truck accident that you speak with a lawyer. You may be in for a fight.

Truck Drivers Have a Lot to Lose

Truck drivers can lose their job, and further, be banned from ever driving a commercial vehicle again if they are found negligent or at fault for an accident. What does that mean to you if you have been involved in a truck accident? It means that getting down to the cause of the accident, including getting a hold of the truck log, may be nearly impossible on your own.

Commercial trucking companies go through a great deal to ensure they are protecting their drivers. They have a team of lawyers that will run interference to keep the truck log from being submitted as evidence in court.

There are over 162,000 deaths that are related to injuries each year sustained in accidents, many of those are caused by trucking incidents. Many people spend years fighting big trucking concerns to get their justice. Proving your case requires the experience of a trucking accident lawyer.

Immediately Following the Accident Be Sure To Do These Things

Never leave the scene of the accident. Report the accident, even if it is minor and even if the truck driver is handing you his headquarters phone number, report the accident. It is not unusual for a trucking concern to deny accountability and offer a very small payout as compensation for the other driver not to file a report.

Don’t be duped. Call law enforcement and report the incident. You have to protect your rights. Once you are in a safe place, call a personal injury lawyer that specializes in truck accidents.

Get The Justice You Deserve

Dealing with getting a truck log, the trucking company or the insurance company, should not be anything you have to worry about. Take advantage of the protections you deserve with an experienced Henderson trucking accident lawyer.

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