What Should You Do if You Are Injured at a Casino?

You spent money on coming to Las Vegas and spending your time off lounging by the pool, enjoying the all-you-can-eat buffets, attented some shows, and maybe even try your hand at winning it big. The last thing you expected was to slip-and-fall in the hallway, by the pool, to have a chair crashing down underneath your weight, or to spend a good chunk of your time recovering from food poisoning. Including downtown, the suburbs, and the Strip, Las Vegas is home to 104 casinos. Each of them is required to follow specific safety protocols to prevent their patrons from suffering an injury.

Many times, hotels and casinos spend most of their profits on other things besides doing necessary upgrades to their establishments. Sometimes maintenance gets ignored, and critical pieces of furniture or infrastructure go unreplaced. The longer this happens, the higher the chance of injury can occur. If your injury occurred at a casino, it's important to consider speaking with a casino injury attorney.

Document Everything

It's essential to document what happened, whether it is a collision due to furniture breaking, a mugging in the parking lot, a fall, or food poisoning. If the police were involved, file a police report and be accurate and truthful in the facts you explain. Don't assign blame or include emotional verbiage. Suppose you spoke to casino staff because of the injury, record who you spoke with, their position, and the time, date, location, and content of your meeting. If you need medical attention, a medical professional will document the extent of your injuries.

Speak With an Attorney

When speaking with a casino injury attorney, share everything that happened and how it happened. Casino injury attorneys can use this information to determine if you have a case for seeking damages from the casino. If you do, they'll explain how going forward could benefit you in court and what would be involved. They also work with you on your behalf to follow up on investigations and shield you from intrusive questioning that may sink your case. The more evidence that exists, the stronger your lawsuit will be.

Casino injury attorneys know what qualifies as an accident versus negligence and will help ensure you're seeking damages for the right reason. They'll also seek additional compensation or reimbursement for loss of wages, hospital bills, lost property, or injury-related costs. Never underestimate how an experienced casino injury attorney can help you.

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