3 Mistakes Motorcyclists Make After Being In An Accident

It can be difficult for motorcyclists to know what to do after they've been in a motorcycle accident what with emotions running high and adrenaline pumping. Unfortunately, when you don't know what to do after an accident, you can end up making a critical mistake.

To help you make the right decisions, consider the three following mistakes you don't want to make after motorcycle accidents and what you need to do instead.

    1. Leaving the scene of the accident without a word. The last thing you want to do when you've been the victim of a motorcycle accident is to leave the scene of the accident. Just like any other accident, you need to take action. Speak to the other driver to get their name, contact information, and insurance information. You can't take legal action for motorcycle accidents if you don't have the information you need.

    2. Not seeking medical attention. Victims of motor vehicle accidents are susceptible to neck injuries, brain injuries, and broken bones. Motorcyclists are at greater risk for a wider range of injuries because you don't have the support of your vehicle to protect you from the impact of the other vehicle. That said, even if you feel fine, it's absolutely crucial that you visit a hospital or urgent care center after you've been in an accident. Your adrenaline can mask the pain you're in and it may take longer than you'd think for symptoms to appear.

    3. Not accounting for the bias against motorcyclists. Unfortunately, there's a common bias that motorcyclists are often at fault for the accidents they're involved in because of stereotypes surrounding riders. It's important that you remember this bias when you're the victim of an accident so you don't make any decisions or say anything that could potentially paint you in a bad light. Speak to your motorcycle accident attorneys after you've made a police report and don't be afraid to fight for your compensation.

Looking for motorcycle accident attorneys?

If you've been the victim of a motor vehicle accident or motorcycle accident because of another driver's negligence or willful misconduct, you're not alone. In fact, up to 31 million injuries require medical attention in the U.S. every year.

The good news is you may receive compensation for your medical bills or property damage when you hire an attorney for your case. For more information about legal action for motorcycle accidents, schedule a consultation to speak with a lawyer at the law offices of Day Nance today.

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