Las Vegas man injured when another driver fails to yield

Settlement for our client

Our client, a Las Vegas man, was injured when his car was T-boned by another driver who ran a stop-sign. He suffered herniated disks in his cervical spine as a result of the accident which resulted in a cervical fusion.

Las Vegas tourists rear ended by another car in valet

Verdict in favor of our clients

Day & Nance clients were tourists staying at Las Vegas hotel and casino. The clients pulled up and stopped in valet waiting for valet attendant. While waiting in car for valet, clients were rear-ended by another driver who was also pulling into valet. The car accident resulted in neck and back injuries.


Las Vegas man's insect bite untreated by hospital

Settlement in favor of our client

Our client, a Las Vegas resident was a landscaper and while working suffering a bite on the end of his finger. He went to a Las Vegas hospital later that day when experienced severe pain and swelling in the finger. The man was admitted but remained essentially untreated for several days while the swelling moved up his hand and arm. Alleged undiagnosed compartment syndrome resulting in amputation of the man's finger and several restricted use of his hand and arm. The man had in excess of ten surgeries on his arm.


Las Vegas casino fountain caused Texas patron’s fall

Settlement for our client

A Las Vegas casino patron from Texas was injured when she slipped on water on the floor which came from a nearby fountain. The casino was aware of the problem with the fountain spraying water on the casino floor yet failed to remedy the situation.

Las Vegas casino patron injured by slot chair

Settlement in favor of Day & Nance client

A gentleman from the Midwest was visiting Las Vegas and playing a slot machine in a Las Vegas casino. While playing the machine, he attempted to rotate the chair to play another slot machine when the chair collapsed trapping his foot. He underwent numerous surgeries on his foot. The chair was defective at the time of the accident.


Southern California couple injured in Las Vegas crash

At-fault driver’s identity found, and insurance company ultimately paid a large settlement to our clients

Our clients, a couple from Southern California, were injured on a Las Vegas highway when an intoxicated driver of another car drove his motor vehicle on the wrong side of the highway. Following this Las Vegas car crash, the other driver fled the scene of the accident.


Unattended elderly woman falls at Las Vegas hospital

Settlement in favor of our client

Our client, an elderly woman was admitted to a Las Vegas hospital and was a known and documented fall risk who was also suffering from some dementia. The nurse escorted the woman to the restroom in her room and then left her unattended while the nurse left the room to perform other tasks. The woman was found sometime later on the floor of her room with a broken hip.


Elderly Las Vegas hotel patron injured

Settlement in favor of client

An elderly gentleman from New Jersey was knocked to the ground by an automatic revolving door as he and his son were leaving a Las Vegas hotel casino to attend a Las Vegas show. The safety mechanism on the door failed to stop the door striking the older man before he could complete his exit. The door knocked the man to the ground resulting in a fractured hip. Evidence presented the door was defective.

Las Vegas hotel TV fell and injured Denver woman

Settlement for our client

Our client, a Denver patron of a Las Vegas hotel was injured when a mounted TV fell from a stand as she was attempting to swivel the TV in another direction. The television fell on her arm resulting in a fracture.


Boy Scout injured jumping from cliffs

Settlement in favor of our client

Our client, a young man attending scout camp walked to a water lagoon off camp property to jump from cliffs into the lagoon. The cliff was granite and slippery. The boys needed to get a running start to clear approximately 8 feet of rock to reach the water. Our client slipped and fell, hitting his head on the rocks below and sinking to the bottom of the lagoon. He suffered a skull fracture and brain injury.


Pharmacist fills wrong prescription

Large settlement in favor of our client

Our client, a young person was prescribed a specific dose of a phenobarbital. The prescription was filled at twice the prescribed dose. The patient ended up with a phenobarbital toxicity requiring hospitalization. The pharmacist was found to have not followed policy and procedure with respect to filling the prescription.

Las Vegas pharmacy doubled man’s dosage

Settlement in favor of our client

Our client, a Las Vegas man, was prescribed a narcotic painkiller. The Las Vegas pharmacy where the prescription was filled doubled the dose on the man's prescription. After taking the narcotic, the man became ill, fell to the ground and suffered serious injury to his back.


Intoxicated casino patron assaulted by security

Settlement in favor of our client

Our client, a Las Vegas resident, was playing blackjack with friends at a Las Vegas casino. The young man was intoxicated and ultimately asked to leave by casino security. When the young man did not leave quickly enough, security officers took the man to the floor with great force, handcuffing him and dragging him through the casino.

Laughlin security battered patron leaving casino

Settlement in favor of our client

Our client, a male patron of Laughlin casino, was asked to leave the casino due to intoxication and while exiting the casino, was assaulted and battered by a casino security officer resulting in a fractured arm.

Security officer assaulted casino patron

Settlement with casino in favor of our client

Our client was a patron of a local hotel and casino playing poker. He got into a brief argument with a fellow player and both were asked to leave. The other player was a known problem for the hotel/casino. After both players cashed out, the other player forced a physical confrontation with our client and casino security responded. While breaking up the confrontation between the two older gentlemen, the security officer pushed our client to the ground causing our client to strike his head on the ground and die.


Las Vegas nursing home resident neglected

Settlement for our client

Our client, an elderly Las Vegas resident was confined to a Las Vegas nursing home as she was suffering from severe dementia and Alzheimer's. The elderly woman remained in bed in the fetal position with clenched fist. Her fingers ultimately grew into her hand. Allegations that the nursing home neglected the woman.


Las Vegas hotel patron burned by steam pipe

Settlement in favor of our client

Our client, a young woman from the state of Washington was injured when she was taking a shower and a steam pipe protruding from the wall of the shower burned her leg.

Southern California patron injured in Las Vegas club

Settlement in favor of our client

Our client, a young woman from Southern California, was in Las Vegas celebrating her 21st birthday. The club asked woman to dance on the bar while the club employees poured alcohol down her throat with hose. The young woman was left unattended after drinking the alcohol and fell off the bar when she stood up.

Fall into utility trench broke Las Vegas man’s leg

Settlement in favor of our client

Our client, a Las Vegas man, was taking a walk one evening in northwest Las Vegas when he suddenly fell into an open unmarked utility trench breaking his leg. Allegation that the Las Vegas construction company failed to barricade and otherwise warn individuals who may be walking the area of the open trench.

Las Vegas retail customer injured by shelf

Settlement in favor of our client

Our client, a Las Vegas woman, was looking at pots on a shelf when the shelf above the pots suddenly fell on her arm. As a result she quickly pulled away from the shelf also injuring her back which previously had surgery. The woman ultimately had her prior back fusion redone.

Tee shot struck and injured Las Vegas man at driving range

Verdict in favor of our client

Las Vegas resident injured when struck on the head by golf ball at the driving range. Our client, a Las Vegas man, had been hitting golf balls at a Las Vegas golf course and driving range. He was sitting on a bench in proximity to the driving range when he was struck on the head by a golf ball which had glanced off an exposed pole on the driving range. A fence ran down the middle of the driving range with large poles exposed on one side of the fence causing numerous complaints of golf balls bouncing off poles back toward golfers.


Elderly Las Vegas woman injured on bus

Settlement for our client

Our client, an elderly Las Vegas woman was picked up by a bus driver who failed to remove wheelchair brackets from the floor causing the woman to trip and fall injuring her neck and back.

Henderson store employee knocked customer to ground

Settlement in favor of our client

Our client is a patron of a wholesale retainer. While walking in proximity to the store exit, a store employee steps backwards knocking the client to the ground, resulting in a broken hip.

Elderly Walmart customer suffered broken hip

Settlement for our client paid by homeowners insurance

As our client, an elderly man was exiting Walmart, he was struck by a young man riding his bicycle on the Walmart sidewalk. The man fell to the ground and suffered a broken hip. His hip was surgically repaired at a Henderson hospital.

Elderly Idaho couple slipped and fell in Las Vegas

Settlement in favor of our client

Our clients, an older couple from Boise, Idaho, were attending a convention in Las Vegas and were walking from the hotel to another Las Vegas casino for dinner when both husband and wife slipped and fell resulting in the wife suffering a fractured hip. It had been rainy and the walkway surface was wet. The walkway was coated with a decorative surface. Allegation that sidewalk was too slippery when wet.


Woman sexually assaulted by nurse

Large settlement with psychiatric hospital for our client

Our client, a young woman was sexually assaulted twice by a male nurse on Christmas day. The nurse and hospital denied the assault. Defendant hospital and nurse relied upon defense that young patient had a history of exaggeration and that she was making up the alleged assault to get even with the nurse and hospital staff. Police investigated that accident immediately following the alleged assault and found DNA and other evidence consistent with the child's story. Nurse was arrested and ultimately took a plea.

Minor child sexually assaulted by charge nurse

Settled case in favor of our client

A 10-year-old ward of the state was committed to a Las Vegas psychiatric hospital for psychiatric evaluation. On Christmas day, 2004, the child was twice sexually assaulted by a hospital charge nurse. There was corroborating evidence of the assault though the hospital continued to deny the assault claiming the child was a liar. Eight and a half years after the assault, the charge nurse pled guilty to the lessor charge of two counts of attempted sexual assault.


Canadian couple injured in Las Vegas taxi crash

Settlement in favor of Canadian couple

A couple from Canada picked up a taxi on the Las Vegas strip and were riding to a golf course when the driver of the taxi turned around to get directions to the golf course. The driver did not notice traffic stopped on the Las Vegas interstate and rear-ended a vehicle in front of him. The couple experienced neck and back injuries.


Kingman woman hit and injured by 18-wheeler

Settlement in favor of our client

A Kingman, AZ, woman was riding with her husband on the way to a medical appointment in Henderson, Nevada. While stopped at a light just outside of Boulder City, their vehicle was rear-ended by a tractor-trailer, resulting in substantial damage to their vehicle and neck and back injuries to the client.

Henderson man hit truck that failed to yield

Settlement in favor of our client

Our client, a Henderson man driving to work on the highway, was just outside of Las Vegas when the operator of an 18-wheeler truck failed to yield the right-of-way by pulling out in front of our client. His pick-up truck impacted the side of the tractor-trailer resulting in substantial injury to the client including neck and back.


Las Vegas cyclist struck and killed by a motorist

Settlement for our client's widow

Our client, a young Las Vegas man, was riding his road bike with his wife and group of friends to Red Rock when he was struck by an inattentive driver resulting in his death.

Las Vegas motorcyclist killed by driver

Settlement in favor of our client

Our client, a Las Vegas resident, was operating a motorcycle ​and was killed by another driver. The other driver failed to yield when pulling onto the roadway occupied by our client.