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In Nevada, construction work revitalizes the local and state economies. For Las Vegas, it has been one of the primary foundations of the local economy, with new hotels, casinos and other attractions calling on this industry.

But it’s a dirty job that poses unique dangers for construction workers who labor under the desert sun. As a construction worker, you face the possibility of accidental injuries or death each day.

You may experience a range of injuries while at work, ranging from mild contusions or sprains to serious and life-altering injuries that can lead to long-term disability.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, the leading causes of construction worker injuries in 2014 were:

  • Falls. These were the most common in 2014, accounting for nearly 40% of the injuries related to the construction industry. These included falls from scaffolds with faulty safety harnesses or poor safety prevention measures. Unmarked or unsecured utility trenches also cause these types of injuries.
  • Electrocutions. There were 74 of these injuries reported in 2014, making up 8.2% of all construction injuries. Common causes of these injuries included live wires that weren’t grounded, faulty equipment, inadequate tools, poorly marked construction zones and poor lighting at the sites.
  • Struck by object. Tools and materials easily can strike someone on the head causing severe brain or spinal injuries, even if the victim is wearing safety equipment. OSHA reported 73 of these cases in 2014.

Many of these injuries could have been prevented had safety been a priority for supervisors and companies more concerned with their bottom lines than the health of their workers. While accidents are considered one of the prices paid for construction work, those that could have been prevented are most costly for victims like you.

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Compensation for Las Vegas construction site injuries

After surviving an accident, you will likely wish to address your immediate concerns such as paying medical bills, ensuring future coverage of related treatments by your insurance company, and getting back on track financially by recovering lost earnings.

Construction workers severely injured on the worksite sometimes never recover. If you’re one, you may be unable to meet your financial obligations or afford proper medical treatment. You could end up desperate and willing to accept a fraction of what your injuries will cost you over a lifetime.

If you’re out of options, an attorney may have the advice you need to overcome devastating injuries suffered on the job.

Las Vegas construction worker accident attorneys at Day & Nance have helped thousands around the country find peace of mind through injury claims filed against those responsible for their injuries. Steven Day and James Nance offer free consultations for construction workers to explore their options and address legal concerns.

Steven and James tirelessly defend the rights of Las Vegas construction workers and those of their families. If you have been injured on a construction site or your loved one has suffered a construction-related injury, contact Day & Nance to learn about your legal rights to compensation and other benefits. We accept clients from Las Vegas and the southern Nevada area.

Construction Worker Accident Attorneys in Las Vegas, NV

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