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Las Vegas passenger vehicles are one of the greatest contributing factors to motorcycle accidents across the country. People in cars are more likely to be thumbing through a text message thread on their phones than paying attention to motorcycles. They may even have trouble judging the speed of a motorcyclist because they are smaller than other motor vehicles on the road.

As Las Vegas is a tourist destination, many of the drivers don’t know the area and could be distracted by navigation apps on their smartphones to find out if they’re supposed to turn right or left at the next intersection. This inattention to the road leads to severe injuries for riders that include traumatic brain injuries, amputated limbs, paralysis, facial disfigurement, spinal cord damage and death.

Other causes of motorcycle accidents include:

  • Bad weather
  • Not utilizing a turn signal
  • Ignoring traffic signs
  • Vehicle defects
  • Not seeing a motorcyclist
  • Failure to yield
  • Roadway defects
  • Excessive speed
  • Lane splitting

There are a large number of commuters in Las Vegas who are riding motorcycles. Motorcyclists are 35 times more likely to experience a deadly accident on the road than the drivers of cars. In 2013, over 88,000 motorcyclists were injured in highway accidents. Of the 88,000 injured, over 4,000 were fatalities. 115 of the roadway accidents that occur in the United States involve motorcycles.

A motorcyclist wearing a helmet is 15% more likely to suffer a nonfatal injury than one who wears a helmet. Nevada is one of the states with laws that demand motorcycle riders wear helmets.

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The physical, financial and emotional scars after a motorcycle accident can last a lifetime. Being left without the ability to ride your motorcycle is one of several ways the recklessness of another driver could rob you of living the way you intended.

Medical treatment and seeking the help of an attorney are two of the most important things you need to consider after a motorcycle accident in Las Vegas. Medical treatment will not only move you closer to getting back in the saddle, it can become one of your strongest assets in pursuing compensation for your injuries and expenses.

Armed with full documentation of your injuries and daily hardships, an experienced Henderson motorcycle accident lawyer can assist you in your personal injury claim. The first step is reaching out to an attorney.

Day & Nance provides assistance for those injured in motorcycle accidents, from legal counsel to helping you find a physician to help treat your injuries. Steven Day and James Nance have helped thousands of victims suffering because someone else wasn’t paying attention or acted without regard for the safety of others. They are committed to ensuring those responsible are left with the bill, not you.

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys in Las Vegas

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