Premises Liability in Henderson, NV

With so many people clamouring to see all that Las Vegas has to offer, things can become rather hectic around town. Day or night, people are soaking up every flashing bulb on the strip. Even with so many distractions and changing faces, property owners cannot get caught up in the chaos too much and neglect their responsibility of protecting people from potential hazards.

They must ensure all hazards, such as construction zones and uneven ground, are marked. Malfunctioning equipment and fixtures must be removed from public access, such as short-circuited slot machines and broken furniture.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen.

In Las Vegas, there are a variety of places you could experience a slip and fall, animal bite or other personal injury because someone neglected to maintain or warn you of hazards. Arenas open to thousands of people each day who come to watch world-class performances. These as well as casinos, parking lots and sidewalks are some of the areas you may unexpectedly become the victim of an injury.

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Pursuing compensation with the help of a Las Vegas attorney

Filing a lawsuit may be your only means for recovering your health and financial losses after an injury on someone else’s property. To prevail in your lawsuit, you must be able to demonstrate that the property owner did one or more of the following:

  • Actively created the dangerous condition that led to the harm
  • Neglected to take care of the property
  • Was aware of the hazard but failed to let tenants or visitors know about it
  • Failed to resolve a dangerous condition that had the potential to attract children
  • Either acted in a way or neglected to fix something that damaged a neighboring property

If you believe you’re the victim of premises liability, an attorney can guide you through the process of defending your right to compensation for serious injuries suffered because of someone else’s neglect or wrongdoing.

The Las Vegas premises liability attorneys at Day & Nance will evaluate your legal claim and determine whether you will be able to recover money for medical bills, lost wages, pain, and suffering or disfigurement caused by an accident that could have been prevented by property owners.

Day & Nance represents people who were injured while on someone else's property. If you were hurt while in an apartment complex, supermarket, casino, hotel or business park, the property owners may be liable for your injuries if they acted negligently and caused the injury.

Premises Liability Attorneys in Las Vegas, NV

Negligent property owners need to be held accountable for your injuries. In Las Vegas, you have a right to pursue compensation for being hurt while on someone else’s property. The Las Vegas premises liability attorneys at Day & Nance in Henderson NV are here to help you recover compensation for these personal injuries. Get a free one-on-one consultation with one of our skilled personal injury attorneys by calling for an appointment or filling out the form on this website.