Drunk Driving Accidents Attorneys in Henderson, NV

Like most metropolitan areas, drunk driving is a serious problem in Las Vegas. A significant number of accidents in Las Vegas involve at least one driver who has been drinking.

Drunk drivers have ruined the lives of countless Americans and it appears to be a growing problem. Almost half of all drivers killed in car crashes and tested positive for drugs also had alcohol in their system.

About a third of all drivers who are arrested for driving under the influence are repeat offenders. Over 1.41 million drivers were arrested in 2010 for driving under the influence of alcohol. Drivers involved in fatal crashes with a BAC of .08 or higher were 28% motorcycles drivers, 23% for passenger cars and 22% for light trucks.

The highest number of drivers under the influence were between the ages of 21 and 25. The highest percentage of fatal crashed was for drivers between the ages of 21 and 24 (34%). There are over 300,000 incident of drinking and drunk driving each day in the United States.

Alcohol related fatalities and accidents dropped in Clark County, Nevada from 2014 into last year. While incidents have been reduced, a more sobering 2015 statistic persists. There were 33 alcohol-related crashes in Clark County that leading to 39 deaths.

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What you can do after a drunk driver hits you in Nevada

While Las Vegas and Clark County police have tirelessly fought to contain drunk drivers, it’s nearly impossible for them to catch all of them. For those that slip through, they’re willing to gamble with their lives and the lives of others.

If you’ve been injured or have lost a loved one because of a drunk driver’s disregard for safe conduct, your life has been changed. You’re dealing with pain you didn’t deserve and may never feel safe on the road again.

These dramatic changes to your life, however, should not be your burden. It’s unfair, but justice is waiting for you. All you need to do is ask for a Las Vegas drunk driving accident attorney’s assistance.

The Las Vegas accident attorneys at Day & Nance in Henderson, NV are willing to listen to your case. If you’re in need of medical treatment for your injuries but don’t know where to turn, Day & Nance can help. Having helped thousands of clients from Nevada and around the country, Steven Day and James Nance have established a network of relationships with medical professionals willing to help drunk driving accident victims.

Medical treatment is one of the first things you should do after any accident. Having medical records only helps your personal injury claim, improving your chance of receiving a fair settlement from insurance corporations and at-fault drivers.

After that, your next step is calling a Day & Nance attorney for a free consultation to discuss your options for recovery.

Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys in Las Vegas, NV

Day & Nance’s AV preeminent Las Vegas personal injury attorneys will represent your claim for compensation if you’ve been injured or a loved one has died because of a drunk driver. For your free consultation, contact the Day & Nance law firm by filling out the form on this site or by calling the office. You will speak directly with a Las Vegas drunk driving accident attorney. If there is no recovery for your drunk driving accident case, you will not be charged.