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Homeowners have the same burden as the owners of casinos, hotels or public areas; to provide a reasonably safe area for guests to traverse. The same slip and fall, or trip and fall, hazards are often present in a home as one would see in a public area including areas that are poorly lit or uneven walking surfaces.

Las Vegas homeowners are expected to maintain their property according to local building codes. When assessing the liability of a homeowner for a slip and fall injury, you need to examine whether the homeowner took reasonable measures to ensure the safety of others in a walking area or if they completely neglected their duty to obstruct foot traffic from hazards or warn of their presence.

A slip and fall injury may end in a minor cut or bruise on the posterior. Or it could result in a lifetime of chronic pain. These cases often require a massive amount of medical treatment and rehabilitation just to provide you with the most basic standard of ability in your daily life. Many people overlook this possibility, especially if it is a friend’s property where they have fallen and injured themselves.

They may brush off the initial bruises as a laughable incident, wincing against the pain that has only begun to radiate from the point of impact. The next morning, things could be much worse, as it could be with each subsequent day. These injuries can creep up on you and leave you wondering why you never sought medical attention in the first place.

Medical attention is actually one of the first things you should do after a slip and fall accident at a private home. You may not need an ambulance, but having a friend or spouse drive you to the urgent care center could ensure you have proper documentation for a potential Las Vegas private home accident injury claim.

One slip doesn’t need to leave you in a freefall

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You may have seen the doctor, but you cannot overlook the possibility your slip and fall on at someone else’s home could have long-term consequences that may become too much for you to bear. In the case of a preventable slip and fall, the burden should be on the homeowner who failed to warn or keep you away from a dangerous part of their property.

The Las Vegas personal injury attorneys at Day & Nance in Henderson, NV represent people who have been injured in private homes as a result of a slip and fall. We work with you to ensure you receive compensation to cover medical expenses and other damages related to your injuries.

Our attorneys serve your case on a contingency fee basis, which means you will not pay any attorney fees unless our firm recovers compensation for your injuries.

Private Home Accident Attorneys in Las Vegas

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