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The lawyers at Day & Nance have represented individuals in accidents involving trucks. There are over 90,000 people involved in accidents with large truck every year in the United States. Because of the sheer size of large trucks, the accidents usually result in serious injuries to the occupants of cars involved in trucking accidents. More than 2,800 people are killed every year who were in a motor vehicle accident with a large truck.

There are a number of issues involving cases with large trucks. Gathering evidence shortly after the accident is extremely important including data from the truck or car involved in the accident.  Most truck have EMS systems or some type of GPS tracking that can help put the pieces together of what actually happened at the time of the accident. Many cars operating in the United States also contain “black boxes” showing steering movements immediately prior to the accident. Gathering this important information following the accident is critical to the case.


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The truck’s log information is also important to establish what the truck driver was doing during the 24 hours immediately preceding the accident and whether the driver was compliant with federal transportation laws. The log information is maintained either in written form or more recently on data gathering equipment logged into the truck’s computer.

Day & Nance have dealt with truck cases involving the negligent loading of equipment and cargo, equipment failure and driver error. These cases can be catastrophic so retaining counsel familiar with truck accident cases is important. Let the lawyers at Day & Nance help you with your truck accident case.

Truck Accident Attorneys in Las Vegas, NV

Don’t gamble on how you’ll recover from a truck accident caused by someone else. Let a knowledgeable truck accident attorney provide you with the chance to recover compensation from the driver who has caused you and your family pain. Get a free consultation with Day & Nance by calling our office or by filling out the form on this website.