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Each year, cars and trucks kill several thousand pedestrians in accidents. An average of more than 65,000 pedestrians are injured each year in the United States. Of those accidents, 5,000 of them end in pedestrian deaths.

Pedestrian fatalities represent 11% of all motor vehicle fatalities. Over 180,000 pedestrians have been killed in motor vehicle accidents during a 30 years period beginning with 1975. A pedestrian is injured in a car accident every eight minutes. A pedestrian is killed in a motor vehicle accident every 111 minutes.

Pedestrian-vehicle accidents are a serious problem not only throughout the country but in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Sun reported that 2,060 vehicle crashes involving pedestrians took place between 2008 and 2011. A 2014 accident report on pedestrian-vehicle accident incidents in cities around the country ranked Las Vegas ninth fatalities. A little more than 20% of the accidents involved pedestrians.

Pedestrian deaths are higher in urban environments though there is a higher ratio of deaths to injuries in rural settings. Pedestrian accidents occur more frequently in urban areas because of the number of pedestrians and motor vehicles. A substantial number of pedestrian accidents occur at intersections.

These accidents can happen anywhere in the city. Streets are busy with tourists who may not know the area and are distracted by their phones. They may be distracted by the sights that brought them to town. When their eyes are anywhere but where they should be. This inattention can lead to vehicles speeding through crosswalks.

Schools are another area in Las Vegas that have reported a greater incidence of pedestrian-vehicle accidents. Vehicles rapidly move through school zones and could potentially collide with children attempting to cross busy streets.

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The shock of sustaining an injury or losing a loved one in a pedestrian accident can be overwhelming. When an individual suffers an injury as the result of a pedestrian accident, it can take years to overcome the physical and emotional harm inflicted by the driver's careless or negligent conduct.

Physical injuries alone can range from burns, nerve damage and broken or dislocated bones to paralysis and loss of use of one or more limbs. Once you have treated your initial injuries and have begun to recover, we know your first goal will be to cover medical bills, secure coverage for future treatments, and avoid losing more wages.

But suffering by yourself isn’t your only option. Contacting an experienced Las Vegas pedestrian accident attorney is the first step in giving yourself a chance at getting on with your life. The personal injury attorneys at Day & Nance in Henderson, NV have more than 30 years of experience finding ways for injured pedestrians to get back on their feet.

Steven Day and James Nance will personally meet with you to review your available legal options in obtaining a solution that fits your unique situation. They handle cases of pedestrians who were injured on sidewalks, in crosswalks and on roads. If you’re the survivor of a pedestrian who was killed because of someone else’s negligence, you have rights to seek compensation from those at-fault for this wrongful death.

Pedestrian Accident Attorneys in Las Vegas

The attorneys at Day & Nance represent pedestrians who have been injured in Las Vegas or the southern Nevada area. We want to help you through this difficult and painful time by making sure you understand your rights and legal options. Call our office or fill out the form on this website to arrange for a free consultation with one of our skilled pedestrian injury attorneys.