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As one of the more vulnerable populations, seniors often depend on the assistance of others to provide for their daily needs. Unfortunately, many elderly people suffer abuse, neglect, and exploitation at the hands of family members, caretakers, and others.

Elder abuse refers to the entire class of mistreatment experienced by seniors:

  • Physical Abuse. ┬áIt includes physical abuse, such as when a person hits, kicks or inflicts physical pain on a senior.
  • Emotional Abuse. It also includes emotional abuse, such as when a person inflicts psychological or mental anguish on a senior by threatening, intimidating, or humiliating a senior.
  • Sexual Abuse. Elder abuse also includes sexual abuse, meaning any non-consensual sexual contact with a senior.
  • Neglect. Besides overt physical and mental abuse, elder abuse also includes neglect by a caretaker, such as when a caretaker fails to provide the senior with food or medical care.
  • Financial Abuse. Lastly, elder abuse also includes various forms of financial abuse and material exploitation by people who use the resources of a senior for their own benefit without consent.

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What is elder abuse?

Elder abuse is generally considered to be violent behavior or neglect towards senior citizens or those individuals typically over 65 years of age. The abuse can be mental or physical. Approximately 2.1 million American are victims of elder abuse each year. A significant portion of this abuse occurs in elder-care facilities (nursing homes). There are things you can do to investigate whether a loved one has been subjected to elder abuse. Day & Nance is a preeminent Las Vegas personal injury lawyer who will represent you in your elder abuse case.

What to do and look for in elder abuse

  • Interview the elder to establish facts. Speak with them and listen to complaints, concerns or problems they may have.
  • Assess the elder's physical condition. looking for injuries, sores, poor oral care, poor hygiene, signs of malnourishment, and bruising. Suspicious bruising may be found on the ears, neck, genitals, buttocks, or even the soles of the feet.
  • Assess the facility. Look for such things as strong odors especially those of urine and feces, unchanged linens, overflowing trash receptacles and sloppy maintenance of food preparation areas.
  • Talk to facility personnel, home healthcare workers, and family members. If the elder resides in a residence, speak with other residents and family members.
  • Look for inconsistencies. This includes discrepancies in medical records and interviews with family, staff and other personnel.
  • Report. If you suspect someone is the victim of elder abuse, report the abuse to proper local authorities.

As the baby boomers begin retiring and reach an advanced age, more and more cases of elder abuse are going to appear. With advances in medical technology, people are living longer. The elder population is growing exponentially in the United States.

Elder Abuse Attorneys in Las Vegas, NV

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