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The most common cause of injury to people who are visiting Las Vegas are slip and falls.

Slip and falls or trip and falls are typically caused by the negligence of Las Vegas casino or hotel owners who fail to provide a safe environment for their guests.

When assessing the potential liability of a hotel or casino when dealing with a slip and fall accident, one must look at whether the casino or hotel had notice of the condition of should have had notice of the condition. In other words, did the hotel or casino have actual knowledge of the condition that caused the slip and fall and failed to take remedial measures necessary to prevent the slip and fall.

In some cases, the condition that caused the slip and fall was not known to the hotel or casino but was such that upon reasonable inspection of their property would have noticed the condition. Under either scenario, there are serious liability issues for the hotel or casino if they knew about the condition or should have known about the condition and failed to take an action to eliminate the hazardous condition prior to the fall.

Falls can also be caused by mechanical failures on hotel or casino property. We often see mechanical failures with mechanical revolving doors, elevators, escalators, fountains and room showers.

Elderly visitors can be and have been injured by revolving doors which fail to stop before striking the elderly person using the door. Improperly installed shower doors can leave an accumulation of water on a bathroom floor which presents a slip and fall hazard. Bathroom tubs can become unreasonably slippery when the non-slip tub surface wears out. Stairways often are not properly lighted or do not comply with building codes creating and misstep hazard.

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Being injured in a slip and fall accident while visiting Las Vegas can be a traumatic experience. The residual effects can last a lifetime, with surgeries and treatments needed to correct severe injuries. In a short matter of time, you could find that a hotel’s mistake could ruin not only your vacation but your life.

Before it goes that far, call the hotel accident attorneys at Day & Nance in Henderson, NV. Steven Day and James Nance have served victims of hotel accidents for more than 30 years. They have the experience you need on your side to successfully seek compensation from negligent parties.

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Hotel Accident Attorneys in Las Vegas, NV

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