3 Reasons You May Need An Attorney After Your Recent Car Accident

Did you know that approximately 52% of personal injury lawsuits are caused by car accidents? Motorcyclists and automobilists alike are likely to experience an accident in their lifetime. Depending on the severity of the crash you've experienced, it may be time to hire an accident attorney to help guide you in getting the best care possible after the accident.

Accidents can be daunting no matter the proportion and personal injury matters. An attorney can help take the stress of the aftermath off so you can focus on your own health improvement.

Whether you drive to work every day, are a recreational motorcyclist, or even just walk to the bus stop along a busy road, there are good reasons to find an attorney if you are part of a car crash. Beyond just piece of mind, there are a few reasons to consider hiring an attorney after experiencing an accident.


There are approximately 5.5 million annual car accidents in the United States every year. Of those 5.5 million, 3 million cause medical injuries and another 40,000 turn out to be fatal. When you're searching for the best medical care, it could cost you a lot of time, money, and headache. When the medical care you're receiving could be the difference between life and death, it's important to have a professional looking out for you and in your corner. A lawyer could be the best person for the job.

The Accident Took Place in an Area Unfamiliar to You

Let's say that you and your friends decide to take a load off and go for a long, fun weekend in the City of Lights. There are 104 casinos in the Las Vegas valley and ample time to experience negligence while driving. If you're in an accident away from home, it may be more daunting than ever. In this case, it may benefit you to report the accident and immediately speak with a lawyer to understand the circumstances and laws in the state that's far from home.

It's Not Clear Whose Fault the Accident Was in the First Place

Figuring out if you're rightly or wrongfully blamed for an accident is a big part of figuring out what you may be able to argue or fight for moving forward. Again, whether you were behind the wheel, a motorcyclist, or just walking on the street, it's not always cut and dry who made the error. An accident lawyer can absolutely help determine what the best steps are for you and make sure that the correct person takes the blame. 

Accidents are always sticky situations, so it's safest and easiest to find someone you can trust to defend you in the best possible manner. When things aren't clear, the accident resulted in injury, or you're not at home, a qualified professional can guide you on your journey back towards health and clarity.

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