5 Signs You Have a Strong Personal Injury Case

No one wants to think about the possibility of getting injured. But it's inevitable, and if you do get hurt, you'll want to know if you have a strong personal injury case. A personal injury attorney can help you decide what type of claim may be best for your situation. Here are five signs that indicate you have a strong case.

1. You Were Exposed to Hazardous Materials

If you were exposed to hazardous materials, such as asbestos or mold, and have become ill due to that exposure, a personal injury lawyer can help. Exposure to these substances is often the result of negligence by a company that did not properly warn its workers about the dangers of working with those substances. If your sickness resulted from exposure to hazardous materials, you might have a strong personal injury case.

2. You Were Injured in a Defective Product

Suppose your injury was the direct result of using a defective product, such as a car part, medical device or toy, and someone else designed that product or failed to test it before releasing it to the public properly. In that case, you may have a solid personal injury case.

3. The Other Party Was Negligent in Causing the Accident

This one is pretty straightforward. If another party's negligence caused your car accident, slip and fall injury, or any other mishap, you might have a strong case for seeking compensation for your injuries. However, you need to prove that the other party was at fault, and this is where a personal injury lawyer comes in. They will question witnesses to the accident, get the police reports and work with experts to determine what happened.

4. You Were Physically Impaired Post Accident or Injury

If your injuries are ongoing or have severely limited your lifestyle, you may have a strong personal injury case. This is because there are future damages that need to be compensated for. The personal injury attorney will help you get the compensation that you need to pay for future medical expenses, lost wages, and more.

5. The Other Party Was Intentional in Causing Your Injury

Finally, if the other party was reckless or intentionally caused your injury, you may have a strong case. This can apply to acts of violence, including road rage incidents, assaults, and battery. If you were injured due to someone else's intentional actions, you might have a strong personal injury case.

Every year, there are about 162,000 deaths in the United States as a result of injuries. If you are one of the many injured, a personal injury lawyer can help you. Whether your injuries were caused by hazardous materials, defective products, or another person's negligence, an accident lawyer can assist you in seeking compensation for your injuries.

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