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Las Vegas hosts 104 casinos including on the Strip, in the suburbs, and downtown. Hotels are all around those casinos to accommodate visitors. What was planned as an exciting trip to Las Vegas can turn into a devastating nightmare if you suffer a personal injury in a hotel. Hotel guests are susceptible to injuries in a hotel mostly due to ...

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Whether you have been involved in a recent car wreck and no one has been found at fault or you are worried that you might be held liable for a recent crash, you should know when is the right time to speak with a lawyer about the incident in question

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Motorcycle accidents happen every day, and they have a much greater chance to be fatal than a standard vehicular accident. Motorcyclists stand a much greater chance to be killed or permanently injured, severely hurt, because they are so exposed. Helmets truly do save lives, and this is why many states in the U.S. require their use. Helmets can, and should, ...

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