Can I Sue Over Trucking Equipment Failure?

Massive freight trucks share the road with Nevada residents, with a trust that the drivers comply with federal transportation laws to keep everyone safe. That said, there are over 90,000 people involved in accidents with large trucks in the U.S., with over 2800 deaths recorded annually. The sheer size and weight of these massive vehicles result in serious injuries for the occupants of the cars involved in truck accidents.

Defective Truck Equipment Failure

A common cause of trucking accidents is equipment failure. Trucking companies and drivers are subject to numerous federal and state transportation regulations regarding the safe operation of the vehicle. A truck will have a lot of hidden safety features in addition to the well-known measures put in place. These safety features may include heavy-duty breaks, load securing features, underride bars, and specialty tires.

However, equipment failure may happen. When it does, the truck driver may lose control over the vehicle, resulting in a serious car crash. If you or your loved one sustain injuries resulting from equipment failure, a Henderson trucking accident lawyer can help recover the compensation you deserve.

Safety equipment that is poorly manufactured, negligently maintained, or improperly installed can fail. Other innocent road users are put at risk as a result. Here are common issues that result in equipment failure.

1. Brake System Failures

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration says that 30% of all trucking accidents result from brake failures. Truck drivers may need to safely bring their large vehicle to a stop before hitting something or someone. Maintaining or replacing brake systems takes time and is expensive, with some freight companies putting it off.

2. Worn Out Tires

The trucks may need to have enough grip on the road. Replacing tires is capital intensive, and getting a single tire can be easy to ignore. Tire equipment failure may result in blowouts that can result in nasty accidents.

3. Load-Securing Equipment Failure

Improperly secured containers on flatbed trucks can fly off, causing serious harm to other road users. Additionally, failing equipment and cargo restraints in a closed trailer can result in the loads shifting during transportation. The driver may lose control of the truck resulting in a car crash.

4. Underride Bar Problems

The ICC or underride bar prevents cars that rear-end trucks and tractors from getting too far underneath the truck if an accident occurs. Without underride bars, the driver and passengers of vehicles ramming into the truck may suffer serious or fatal head and neck injuries. Weak or improperly installed bars may also fail to perform their function.

Liability on Trucking Equipment Failure

It may be best to hire an accident attorney to help you prove your personal injury claim. Truck drivers may be liable for the defective parts if they do not regularly inspect the truck or overlook an issue. If the equipment itself was defective, the manufacturer of the said part could be liable. Manufacturers are required to ensure that their products are safe for use. Federal law requires that all trucks be properly maintained. Trucking companies are responsible for ensuring all trucks and trailers in their fleet are in good condition.

If you are hurt from a trucking accident, a Henderson personal injury lawyer can help you receive the full amount of compensation you deserve. Contact Day and Nance for a free consultation today.

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