Can You Navigate A Car Accident Claim Without a Car Accident Attorney?

A lot of clients wind up hiring a car accident attorney after they have gotten the run around from their insurance company. Many motorists that have been in a car accident follow the rules. They report the accident and assume that the insurance company will pick up the tab.

Unfortunately, many people find that their car crash is not as important to the insurance company as they thought, and it often seems like the insurance company is not on their side. The fact is there are around 5 million car accident reports filed each year in the US. To the insurance company, you are just a case number.

Navigating the Process on Your Own

Whether your car accident resulted in thousands of dollars of damage to your property, and life-threatening injuries, or a few hundred dollars in damage, and minor injuries, you are entitled to representation.

Many clients report that their insurance company made it seem that they did not need an attorney on their side. The response to that is, of course, they did. The insurance company is focused on saving money, not on making sure that you get the compensation that you are entitled to.

For the insurance company low-balling you with small settlement offers is just a part of how they do business. Your car accident is simply business as usual for them. Remember, the insurance adjuster works for the insurance company, not for you.

Once you hire a Henderson car accident attorney, the insurance adjuster will no longer contact you and suggest that you settle for the lowest offer they have. When you hire an accident attorney, you are hiring someone that does work for you, and that is 100% on your team.

Can You Handle Things on Your Own?

You can handle things on your own, but the right question is why would you? This can be a complex process to navigate without a legal background. Additionally, it is not unusual for the insurance company to take a sort of bully stance in these matters.

You can bet that the insurance company has access to a bevy of attorneys that are more than ready to fight you on your claim. Why would you risk the outcome of your case, when there is a law firm that can help?

Don’t risk it, contact us today to have someone on your team that is there to fight for your rights.

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