Do You Need a Car Accident Reconstruction
for Your Personal Injury Case?

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), of the 5.5 million auto accidents in the United States, 3 million cause injuries, and 40000 are fatal. After a car accident, the recollection of events by the parties involved may be accurate in explaining what happened and why.

A patient that suffered serious injuries such as head trauma may not recall what happened. For fatal auto accidents, there may be no witnesses to question. It may be hard to prove fault in the resulting personal injury claims. Your Henderson personal injury attorney may turn to a key part of evidence collection and investigation: accident reconstruction experts.

What Is Accident Reconstruction?

Police officers that file accident reports after a car, truck, or motorcycle accident may focus more on the traffic violation or crime that may have occurred. To determine liability for the serious injuries or wrongful death resulting from the accident may require a deeper inquiry than just a law enforcement officer’s report.

Accident reconstruction is a forensics discipline that utilizes experts that recreate the events leading up to the accident after carefully studying the details of the case. Your accident attorney can bring in State accepted experts that can:

  • Visit the site of the accident
  • Inspect the damage on all vehicles involved
  • Study the police report
  • Examine medical records of the victim
  • Analyze photographic evidence of the accident scene
  • Study Debris, skid marks, and point of impact on the vehicles
  • Interview witnesses and much more

From this information, the expert can also create a computer model that will simulate the events leading to the accident. The reconstruction report can help a judge or jury visualize the accident and the party liable.

Will You Need a Car Accident Reconstruction
for Your Personal Injury Claim?

It is important to note that not all accidents may necessitate the skills of a car accident reconstruction expert. 96% of personal injury cases are settled before going to trial. However, if an insurance company denies you claim with complex issues concerning liability arising, your personal injury lawyer contracting experts to reconstruct the scene may be in your best interest.

Parties that may benefit from accident reconstruction include:

  • Victims that do not remember how the accident occurred
  • Families seeking a wrongful death claim for their deceased.
  • Few to no witness of the accident
  • Multiple parties involved hence difficult to prove liability
  • Gaps or missing pieces of evidence

Contact a Personal Injury Law Firm to
Receive Guidance on the Right Steps to Take

As stated above, not all claims require an accident reconstruction. After listening to the specifics of your case, experienced attorneys may recommend whether or not to bring in the experts. Accident reconstruction can reveal the vehicles’ speeds, movements, positions, and points of impact. It may also provide insights on drivers’ actions leading to and during the accident, force of collusion, angle of impact, the severity of the accident, If your claim goes to trial, your attorney may call the accident reconstructionist to testify as an expert witness for your case.

Proving liability after a car accident is not always straightforward. Personal injury law firms can work with accident reconstruction experts to recreate the scene before and during the accident. For more information or review of your specific case, reach out to Day and Nance today.

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