A Guide on Why You Need a Las Vegas Casino Injury Lawyer

Las Vegas attracted over 49.5 million visitors in 2019, generating over $58 billion in revenue. The tourists wager billions of dollars annually in the 104 casinos in the Las Vegas valley. Casino patrons seek to have a good time, and perhaps a stroke of luck on the tables and gambling machines.

The Vegas casino or hotel has a legal responsibility to offer safe conditions for members of the public walking in and out of their premises. They need to warn of potentially dangerous situations and undertake reasonable action to prevent injuries. If you suffer injuries stemming from the facility’s negligence, you deserve compensation for damages caused.

Situations That Could Lead To Casino or Hotel Accidents

When a casino or hotel fails to put in place the necessary safety measures, patrons may incur severe injuries due to their negligent actions. Visitors may suffer mild to serious injuries such as broken bones, fractured skulls, and even death. Some of the common incidences reported include:

  • Poolside accidents due to poorly maintained swimming pools
  • Slips and falls resulting from slippery floors
  • Food poisoning from meals served at the casino or hotel
  • Theft due to weak security protocols
  • Falls and accidents on exposed constructions
  • Elevator accidents

Compensation for Injuries Sustained

Victims of casino or hotel negligence can demand compensation of equal value to damages caused. You may have to prove the facility’s activities led to your injuries. With the right legal representation, victims can seek compensation for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Physical and psychological therapy
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Loss of life

What Should You Do When Injured In A Las Vegas Casino?

Seek medical attention: The first step would be to seek immediate medical attention if the injuries are severe. Some conditions, such as head trauma, may worsen over time, posing a risk to your life. The hospital may help determine the full extent of your injuries. Keep the medical records safe as they may help in arguing your case.

Take evidence: Report the accident to the casino or hotel management. You may take pictures and document the incident. If possible, gather any vital information of any witnesses present.

Call your Las Vegas casino accident lawyer: You may need to contact your attorney as soon as the incident occurs. Casino and hotel representatives may try to lowball you into a quick compensation scheme. The personal injury lawyer may help you to figure out the exact amount of compensation that you deserve.

What Can a Las Vegas Casino Injury Law Firm Do For You?

To start with, the attorney can help investigate your claims. The lawyer will collect necessary evidence that supports your case. While casinos or hotels have video surveillance on almost every spot, the management may not be willing to hand over the tapes voluntarily. The lawyer may help you obtain the evidence.

The attorney will also help you calculate your claim’s worth and initiate a negotiation settlement. Their experience may help you get the compensation you rightly deserve. If the insurance company denies the claims, the lawyer can file your case in court and litigate on your behalf.

Have you been injured in a Las Vegas Casino or hotel? You should talk to the experienced personal injury lawyers at Day and Nance to find out if your case is eligible for compensation.

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