Headed To Vegas? Be Wary Of These 5 Common Types Of Casino Accidents

Las Vegas is known for a great many things, from wild bachelor parties to Celine Dion. Near the top of that list (if not at the top) is gambling. The City of Lights boasts a staggering 104 casinos in its jurisdiction, which includes downtown, the Strip, and suburbs. Though it might sound unlikely, personal injury cases originating from a casino or hotel are surprisingly common; here are the five most frequent causes of those accidents.

  1. Slip and fall: These accidents are probably the most common way people get hurt in casinos. Food and drink can spill, bathrooms may be dirty and have wet floors, poor lighting can affect visual competency, and cracked or worn floors all can cause even the most stable people to slip and fall.
  2. Food poisoning: Casinos see an incredible number of visitors every day. Since most offer food in restaurants, buffets, or through room service, accidents can happen. When food is not prepared properly, staff do not keep their hands clean, or food is simply left out for too long, guests can become seriously ill.
  3. Shuttle bus: Shuttle buses carry tourists to and from airports, hotels, and casinos. If the steps are not clearly marked, or there is luggage left in the aisles, people can trip and fall.
  4. Fall from slot machine chairs: Casinos see millions of people each year, so their chairs undoubtedly get a lot of use. This increases the likelihood that they will break down unexpectedly, throwing their uses off and potentially causing great harm.
  5. Assaults: Because visitors to casinos often carry large amounts of cash, they become targets for assault and robberies. If casinos are unable to provide quality lighting and security to prevent such occurrences, they may be considered at fault for the crime.

Though personal injury lawyers mostly deal with car accidents, truck accidents, and motorcycle accidents (as more than half of all personal injury cases begin on the road), any injury that you incur due to the negligence of a business -- be it a casino or hotel -- could be the start of a personal injury lawsuit. If you've experienced such a situation, speak with a lawyer today.

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