Henderson, Nevada Woman Neglected at Nursing Home, Causing Finger from Clenched Fist to Grow into Hand

In Nevada, elders are considered individuals who are over 60. Anyone has the right to report elder abuse so long as they have a reasonable belief that abuse has occurred. Those who work with elders including social workers, medical workers, funeral home employees are required to report elder abuse when observed. Elder abuse is not just limited to those situations causing physical harm to an elder but also include those who exploit or neglect elders. Neglect is probably the most common type of elder abuse.

Abusers can come in a number of forms including family members, health care providers, bankers, lawyers and professional caregivers. Elder abuse often occurs in a nursing home environment. Nursing home abuse can take the form of physical and emotional abuse, sexual abuse, neglect and financial exploitation.

The son of a elderly woman noticed that his mother's fingers in a clenched fist were penetrating her hand as a result of the neglect of her caregivers at the home. The mother lived each day in a fetal position with hands clenched, a condition that many senior citizens find themselves in when they have lost their ability to function. Employees of the nursing home ignored the woman's condition and failed to take necessary precautions. It was not until the son mentioned something to nursing home employees that they did anything about the developing condition. Foirtunately for this woman, she had a son that regularly visited her and who was concerned about how his mother was being treated at the home. Unfortunately, many residents of nursing homes do not have a regularly visiting loved one checking up on them making sure they are receiving adaquate care.

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