Motor Vehicle Accidents and Why You Need a Personal Accident Attorney

Motor vehicle accidents can significantly upend the quality of life of the victims. There are over 5.5 million total annual auto accidents in the United States. Of these cases, three million cause injuries, and over 40,000 are fatal.

Over two million Americans end up with permanent injuries as a result. An accident attorney can help you get justice by filing for compensation for the injuries sustained.

Driver Inattention and Negligence Is One of the Leading Causes of Accidents

Most motor vehicle accidents occur as a result of driver carelessness. Some of these activities may include speeding, drunk driving, tailgating, improper lane switching, and inattention while driving. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that 21% of accidents that cause injuries and 16% of fatal accidents occur due to distracted driving. The driver's inattention may be as a result of.

  • Texting while driving.
  • Talking over a cell phone when driving.
  • Arguments with passengers.
  • Eating while driving.

If you believe you sustained injuries out of the negligence of the other driver, a personal injury lawyer can help file for compensation. The accident attorney can provide legal representation for you as you fight for justice.

How a personal accident attorney can help you:

1. File Your Compensation Claim

An accident lawyer can assist you in filing for compensation for your injuries. Your loss may be a result of lost wages, medical bills, emotional and physical pain. The attorney will ensure that you get the right compensation for injuries caused.

2. Explain Your Rights

The process of litigating personal injury cases may be long and complicated. Most insurance companies may want to settle quickly and thus provide a settlement offer that doesn't cater for all the pain caused. A personal injury lawyer will help determine the worth of your claims.

As a rule of thumb, you always need to consult your attorney before accepting any settlement offer from the insurance firm.

3. Help in Filling Legal Paperwork

Filling all the necessary insurance and legal paperwork can be exhausting, especially when recuperating from a nasty accident. You can focus on getting better as your lawyer will handle all the legal procedures for you-from insurance claim forms to pre-trial filings.

4. Investigate the Claims and Gather Evidence

Most personal injury law firms have professional investigators that can compile substantial evidence to support your case. The team of investigators and paralegals document the scene, interview witnesses, and formulates legal theories presented in court.

5. Litigate Your Case

Litigation of personal injury cases is complex, requiring strict adherence to court procedures. You may need an experienced attorney to present your case. The driver's inattention and negligence must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt in the civil trial. The personal injury lawyer may use accident reconstruction experts to build your case.

6. Alternative Legal Procedures

More than 96% of all cases reported are settled before they end up in litigation. Your lawyer's negotiation skills will come in handy in representing you in a negotiation settlement. The attorney ensures you get adequate compensation for your injuries. Besides, the lawyer may represent you in an arbitration hearing.

Motor vehicle accidents come with significant medical, financial, and personal damage. If you believe it was as a result of the other driver's inattention, you will need to file for compensation for your injuries. A personal accident lawyer will represent you to ensure you get justice.

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