When is the Right Time to Speak to a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Personal injury law is a highly specialized area of the legal profession. The attorneys who practice this type of law are experts at handling cases involving personal injuries, ranging from car accidents to slip-and-falls on someone else's property. It can be difficult to know how best to proceed with your case when you've been injured through no fault of your own. You may not know what types of compensation are available or even if you have a strong case at all. That's where an experienced lawyer comes in; they will help you evaluate whether or not you should move forward with filing for damages and provide guidance on the next steps. Here are some guidelines for when to speak with a lawyer.

You've been Injured

If you or a loved one has been hurt in any kind of accident—whether at work, during leisure time, or within your own home—you should speak with an attorney immediately. A skilled lawyer will ensure that your rights are protected and help you establish whether or not you have a strong legal case.

It's Time to File a Lawsuit

A personal injury attorney will advise you on what types of damages (if any) can be applied to your claim. If the type of claim suggests it, attorneys may also recommend that you file a suit. If you've missed the statute of limitations (the time limit in which you can file a lawsuit), they may also be able to help you file after the fact.

The Defendant is Being Unresponsive

If an insurance company or business has been unresponsive to your claim, a personal injury lawyer can help you move forward. They may be able to call the defendant directly and discuss the details of your case with them. Or, if necessary, they will file a letter on your behalf with the courts asking for consolidation.

Legal Guidance is Needed

Maybe you're not sure if you even have a case or how to file it. You may also be unsure of what type of damages you're eligible for and the value of your claim. A skilled attorney can give you all this information and guide you through the process—setting up appointments, following up with hospital staff, finding the necessary witnesses, and more.

You've Been Denied Compensation

A personal injury attorney can help you challenge an insurance company if they try to deny your claim. They may also be able to guide you through negotiations with the defendant if settlement offers are made. If you do end up going to court, an attorney can help you navigate the process and ensure you're receiving fair compensation for your injuries.

Time To Speak with a Lawyer

Every year, approximately 31 million injuries requiring medical attention occur in the United States. If you've been injured due to someone else's negligence, speak with a lawyer as soon as possible. They can help you receive the benefits and compensation that you deserve for your injuries.

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