Your Auto Accident: When to Speak with a Lawyer

Whether you have been involved in a recent car wreck and no one has been found at fault or you are worried that you might be held liable for a recent crash, you should know when is the right time to speak with a lawyer about the incident in question. Your lawyer does more than just represent your case; they also give you legal advice about how to move forward in your situation and experience the best possible outcome.

Did you know that almost 100% of injury cases, including personal injury cases that involve a car wreck, are settled in an out-of-court scenario before the case ever goes to trial? Odds are, even if you are sued or held legally responsible for your car wreck, you may have an easier time getting through the situation with the aid and care of an auto accident attorney.

Keep in mind that a lawyer is for legal representation and assistance only. A law firm cannot promise particular results in any case. However, having a lawyer on your side can help you in many ways as you go through the repercussions of your car wreck. Here are a few situations in which you'll likely want to speak with a lawyer about your recent car accident.

Law Enforcement is Involved

Are the police involved in your case? If the police are trying to pin you for the accident or are asking for more information about your car wreck than you are willing to give, then it's time to speak to a lawyer. A police report will be filed and if you are suspected to be at fault for an accident that resulted in serious injuries, this may become a major legal issue. Call a lawyer right away if the police are involved in your auto accident, particularly if anyone was hurt in the process.

You Are Being Sued

Are you being sued for your auto accident? You may be sued by the other party, their insurance company, or an individual or business that was affected by your auto accident -- even if the wreck itself is not your fault. You don't want to be held liable for an auto accident without legal assistance, so make sure you speak with a lawyer who specializes in auto accidents as soon as you can.

The Other Party Has a Lawyer

In simple terms, it's not fair if the other parties involved in your collision have obtained legal representation and you have not. You should always take personal injury matters to a lawyer, so seek a personal injury lawyer or an auto accident lawyer as soon as you are aware the other party has their own attorney. This is especially true if you've been contacted directly by the other party's lawyer.

Speak with a law firm to see if you can get a consultation to speak with a lawyer you can work with. When you have secured your lawyer, they will work with you throughout your case so long as you stay on top of your legal fees and wish to keep your legal counsel retained.

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